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FIRST® Tech Challenge increases the difficulty of the robotic challenge by changing to the "Tetrix" building system (similar to erector set), more powerful motors, more advanced sensors, and Blocks and JAVA as a programming language. In our program, students can choose to join FTC immediately or stay in FLL during the 7th and 8th grade.

Core Values


We explore new skills and ideas


We respect each other and embrace our differences


We use creativity and persistence to solve problems


We are stronger when we work together


We apply what we learn to improve our world


We enjoy and celebrate what we do!


Robot Game

Guided by their coaches and mentors, students design, build, and program autonomous and manually controlled robots to perform a series of missions based on that year’s theme released by FIRST©

Teams fabricate their robot from nearly any material they want and can use 3D printers to print parts.

Teams use CAD software to model their robot in 3D and use hand and power tools to build their robot


Robots must start out inside an 18-inch cube, but may expand to any size after the match has started


Robots are controlled by a Rev Robotics Drivers Hub that the teams program.


Teams must strategize which tasks they want the robot to complete


A discussion with judges at the competition allows the team to highlight their design path. Typical topics include lessons learned, unique features of the robot, design flaws, and
what modifications would be explored if the team had more time



Learn teamwork and communication skills.

Discover the fun of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Model a real-world engineering process.


Hands-on problem solving

Programming experience


Build life skills while building robots and work towards participating in tournaments.


Building self-confidence, knowledge, and career and life skills


Meet new friends and become part of a robotics family that they can continue on to different levels through middle and high school.

What FIRST Tech Challenge Involves


Teams consist of 7-10 students aged 7-10th grade

Teams have mentors who work and teach side by side with the students

Teams use meetings to complete all of the different tasks to compete in a season including going through the engineering process

The team decides when and how long to meet


They receive the robot challenge video for the season at Kickoff

Each team then goes through all the robot rules in the Season Game manuals

They come up with a strategy that fits their team and starts to build a robot

They work on using CAD to design the robot and go through other design strategies

The teams keep an engineering notebook / portfolio that logs all of the things they have learned and the strategy they are going for. It also notes their business plan and outreach activities


Teams then choose 2 regionals they would like to attend around the state and compete for a chance to move on to the state championship

At the competition they have a 15 min judging session with the judges to explain their robot, code, season, and outreach activities etc.



FTC Qualifier: Sunday December 17th – at Valder's High School – 201 E Wilson St., Valders

Contact: Traci – Director of FIRST Tech Challenge



Our Lakeshore FIRST Tech Challenge Teams

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